The seo-* components enable features on different backends. The following backends are currently supported:

  • Google: The components help google understading your data and display it in an enhanced way to your users
  • OpenGraph: The components helps sharing plateform to understand your data and display them in a good way the following website support this:
    • Facebook sharing
    • Linkedin sharing
    • Google +
    • mixi
    • Know others? make a pull request :)

IMPORTANT: To follow the OpenGraph specification you need

  • The url (infered automatically by vue-seo)
  • The type: You absolutely need to have a <seo-type> component
  • At least one image: set through <seo-image>
  • A title: set through <seo-title>

IMPORTANT: As of today, Facebook bots does noes render javascript (does not run Vue code). If you want it to be effective you will need to use a prerenderer such as:

Or if you feel risky you can try vue-server

Disabling Backends

If you want to disable a backend you can add the following in the options of VueSEO:

  • Google: google: false
  • OpenGraph: openGraph: false

Adding Backend

It's not possible at the moment to add custom backends. If you want this feature (or another) you can make an Issue on the repository.