Organization (seo-organization)


  name="My awsome company"
  :alternate-name="Other name"


  • name: The name of the organization
  • url: The url of the website for this organization
  • logo: The logo of this company
  • contacts: Array of contacts for this organization, see THIS
  • socialAccounts: And array of social account page (facebook, youtube, linkedin...)
  • alternateName: The alternate name of your organization/Website
  • enableWebsite: [Bool] (advanded) Does this tag describe your website
  • enableOrganization: [Bool] (advanded) Does this tag describe your organization


  • Google:
    • Display a box describing your company on the right pane
    • Show your logo on the right pane
    • Add social links on the right pane
    • Set friendly name for your search results
    • Add contact phone on the right pane
  • OpenGraph / Facebook share:
    • Sets the title of your website
    • important: For the moment if you want to set the image of your facebook search image you have to use <seo-image>

Examples of impact