Predefined Policies

The 5 predefined policies are:

  • VueSEO.policies.last: With this policy only the last defined value will be considered
  • VueSEO.policies.first: Only the first defined value will be considered
  • VueSEO.policies.join(glue, reversed=false): All values will be considered and joined with glue (potenetially reversed)
  • VueSEO.policies.repeat: The displayer will be repeated for every component you make (eg. there will be 4 title tag if you have 4 seo-title)
  • VueSEO.policies.identity: The policy does not do anything. That means you need a special backend. It will have to accept an array instead of an object (you should not need it, it should be for internals only)



// We can set the policies for a given key in vue-seo
// The available policies are available in the docs

Vue.use(VueSEO, {
  policies: {
    'title': VueSEO.policies.join(' - ', true)

new Vue({
  el: 'body',
  data () {
    return {
      inner: false,
      inner2: false